Celebrate your senior year with portraits that are as special as this once-in-a-lifetime event! Your portraits will be made in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. We encourage your ideas so we can create truly meaningful portraits for you. Our expertise coupled with your ideas, the comfort of our studio, unique architecture of our building and natural look of our gardens will all work together to create beautiful portraits.
We have several portrait session options available. We believe in the value of expertly printed photography. We offer print collection options that include desk prints and wall portraits as well as albums and gift items. We provide social media files of poses ordered.

Senior Portrait Information

Step 1   Schedule and select your portrait session.

Full Session $180.00 - This is our most popular session! This 90 minute session includes portraits at our studio, gardens and another nearby location. We suggest you bring 3-5 outfits. Props are encouraged. You will have at least 32 images to select from.

Basic Session $95.00 - 45 minute session in our studio and gardens. One outfit. You will have at least 16 images to select from.

Yearbook Session $70.00 - for students who only need a yearbook portrait.

Step 2   One week after your session your previews will be ready to review. Those choosing the Yearbook Session will have a proof sheet and Full and Basic Sessions will have a preview booklet from which to make your selections. You may take your previews home to study and review with friends and family. Before your previews are in, we can post a “sneak peek” for you on social media if you want.

Step 3   Select your print collection. After reviewing you previews (about one week) schedule an appointment to return to the studio and order your package. You may choose to purchase your preview booklet. Packages of desk portraits start at $175. Wall portrait packages start at $345

Step 4    We will have your finished portraits in about 3 weeks. Depending on your school’s yearbook portrait delivery requirements, we will either email a file to your school or have your portrait ready for you to deliver.

Please contact us for complete pricing information.

Senior Portrait Tips

Plan for Three Separate Looks
Look #1: Express yourself - This is your day to show the world who you really are. What's the most "you" thing you do? Bring along any items that express your personality. You'll also want to show off your fashion sense. And don’t forget to think outside the season!

Look #2: Show off your talents - Sports, music, theater, chess club - extracurricular activities are probably a large part of your high school experience. Wear your team jersey or concert outfit to commemorate your achievements. Think creatively and include what’s special to you!

Look #3: Please your parents - Your parents will proudly share your portraits with everybody. In fact they will probably still be on the mantle when you're married and bring your kids home for the holidays. So let them have some input. Parents usually appreciate a dress-to-impress outfit.

Extra Pointers
     Senior portraits usually include close-ups, full-length poses and everything in between. So be sure to wear complete outfits from head to toe. Please bring at least three outfits. Plan for a tried and true outfit - one that people will recognize you in. Have fun with layers and textures, but avoid large stripes, plaids and logos. They tend to look faddish and can draw attention away from you.
     Make sure you are well rested and hydrated. And don't worry about blemishes or scratches. We'll retouch the images you select to your specifications.
     Have fun planning for your portrait and enjoy the process. If you’re in doubt whether or not to bring something, bring it along. Relax and be yourself. We will have plenty of time set aside just for you!

Tips For Girls
Hair and Makeup - Do a practice run with your hair and makeup at least one week before your session. Avoid drastic changes. Makeup should be only slightly heavier than normal. Avoid makeup with an SPF as it tends to create shine. Don’t forget to bring your brush and makeup for mid-session touch-ups.

Nails - Your hands will show in some of your portraits so make sure your nails are done. If you wear nail polish, avoid bright colors if they don’t work with all your wardrobe choices.

Undergarments - Check ahead of time to ensure that undergarments don’t leave lines under your clothing and colors or straps aren’t intentionally showing through. It’s fine to bring multiples to wear with your different outfits.

Tips For Guys
Hair - Get your hair cut at least a week in advance to avoid the light tan line around your hairline. Shave the day of your session and avoid the 5 o'clock shadow. If you have facial hair, make sure it's freshly trimmed and groomed.

Wardrobe - Make sure your outfits are complete and go together with coordinating shirt, pants and shoes. Don’t forget the accessories like a watch, belt or hat. And bring along any extras you would like to include in your portraits.