Baker Photography is proud to provide outstanding wedding photography at an excellent value. Our experience, expertise and passion will create a collection that will showcase the uniqueness of your day in a natural style.  We strive to work as unobtrusively as possible to create photographs that will capture your heart as well as each detail and moment of your wedding day.
Whether you are planning a traditional celebration or an intimate ceremony, we have the flexibility to design an appropriate wedding photography plan for you. Please contact us for full wedding information.

Full-day wedding photography package with two photographers including digital files is $2675.
Wedding highlight package including photography of the ceremony and reception with files $1650.
Basic package including photography of the ceremony and portraits with files $600.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when selecting a photographer?
We feel there are four main items to think about.
    1 .Photographs
Does the photographer have good quality images - sharp, vibrant, true color, well composed? Do they have timeless quality or are they over processed giving them an unnatural soon-to-be dated look. Are the photographs the style you're looking for? Is the set of images well rounded? Do the people look like they are having fun?
    2. Customer service
What are the delivery timelines? Does the photographer have the experience and skills to offer professional quality prints and albums?
    3. Experience
You simply can't place a value on an experienced wedding professional. Your photographer needs to know what will happen before it does, anticipate moments, be flexible on the spot, know how to help you schedule your day-of time-line, and be able to conquer any lighting condition. and capture the emotions? I would say that about 50-100 weddings is what it takes to acquire and perfect these skills and intuitions.
    4. Personailty
Do you like your photographer? Does the photographer have a calm and pleasant demeanor? A wedding photographer will be with you all day. It’s good to make sure your personalities are compatible. We know how important your wedding day is and we do everything we can to make it the very best for you.

When should I hire a wedding photographer?
As soon as your date is firm is when you should hire your photographer. This usually involves having booked your wedding and reception venues but if you have a date in mind, it’s not to early. Once a photographer has booked a date, it is no longer available with that photographer and you may have to settle for someone who would not have been your first choice.

What equipment do you use?
Using professional grade cameras and lenses is what is most important. We use pro grade Nikon cameras, lenses and flashes. We are lighting experts. We know how to use natural light, how to work in indoor and outdoor lighting situations as well as when and how to use flash photography. We also have the necessary backup equipment.

What do you wear?
We wear clothing that is, in a word, appropriate. We usually dress in business dressy. We want to blend in and not stand out so we don’t dress flashy but never too casual. And we always wear quiet shoes!

How many pictures do you take and will I get all the images?
We never count while we’re photographing but on average we photograph over 100 frames per hour. We do a modest edit so you don’t have to go through our light tests, blinks or misses, for example, when somebody’s arm goes across a dancing photo. All images are edited for color, exposure, sharpness and contrast. Typically, the couples whose weddings we photograph end up with about 1,000 images.

Do you work from a shot list?
We ask you for a list of anything out of the ordinary (for example, a tradition that may be unfamiliar) or special (a piece of Grandma’s wedding dress pinned to your bouquet). It’s also good to know special groups like college or work friends. If there’s a particular picture you’d like us to replicate, we ask for that too. We like to have the list a week before your wedding because we like to recopy, group pictures and sometimes even color-code your wish list. We will mark them off as we photograph these pictures so nothing gets missed. You don’t need to write down the traditional things like the processional and cake cutting. We don’t limit ourselves to what’s on the list- we make it a point to photograph all the details and all the fun!

Files, albums, prints - what is important?
Most of our wedding photography packages include a set of enhanced camera resolution high quality jpg files with a printing license. These files are not watermarked and are for you to share, print and make albums. Because our image files are saved to the highest quality settings and therefore have large files sizes, we also include a duplicate set of lower resolution files to make viewing less cumbersome, especially on older computers. We can also make professional quality prints and albums for you! We offer professional quality time tested prints and albums that will last. Be cautious of "photo books" that do not have the quality of traditional wedding albums.

When will we get our pictures?
We strive to have your image ready in 3 weeks. Prints take about 2 weeks, albums about 2 1/2 months. We can post a few social media sneak peeks a few days after the wedding.

How do we book you and what's your payment plan?
Once you have made your decision, you are on the calendar. We have a $500 retainer. Please call us at
315-638-0812 or email to make arrangements.